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Monkey Lodge is a haven of peace and authenticity, just 20 minutes from downtown, 10 minutes from the Panama Canal, and close to the park Soberania. Monkey Lodge is a Bed and Breakfast that has four rooms with all the conveniences and comforts of a hotel (fridge with drinks, safe, private bathroom with hot water, and air conditioning in three of rooms) but an ambiance of its own.

One of our rooms is located in the living space of our monkeys and more enthusiasts may well be in direct contact with them. The Monkey Lodge permits, if you wish, to approach and share unforgettable moments with the monkeys, know their character and their lifestyle.

Monkey Lodge is also a beautiful tropical garden with lush vegetation, many varieties of plants, flowers, and birds, and a pool in the middle where it is good to relax and refresh.

To awaken your taste buds, you will be served delicious meals overlooking the garden and pool.

Monkey Lodge is not just a B & B, but also a travel agency and tour operator. We can organize and guide your tours, creating a vacation that is exclusive and customized to make your trip unforgettable.

Different packages are offered.

Our Team

Sabrina and Fabrice arrived from France in 2005. They wanted to find a way to combine interests and enjoy Panama. Sabrina loves to cook. She makes undeniably delicious French cuisine! Fabrice loves the outdoors. They decided that a Bed and Breakfast would be the perfect solution. When they found the property for Monkey Lodge Panama, they knew they had made the right decision.

Fabrice has done almost all of the landscaping. His passion for the outdoors shows when you walk through the lush property. He is also one of the main tour guides where you can appreciate his enthusiasm for animals and the outdoors.

Sabrina is the main hostess of the house and the chef. She has a way to make you feel right at home yet as pampered as royalty. Her food will melt in your mouth!

They both also love animals. They have become a safe heaven in Panama for monkeys that were left without mothers. They now have 3 monkeys that they have raised. Their guests can see the monkeys in their natural habitat where they live in the outdoors in a huge backyard/playground made especially for them! They have nursed back to health other monkeys, squirrels, a bunny, and several other animals that they have released back into the wild.

Their children Max and Rudy joined them here in Panama. They help with the tours when they can. Max is still studying and he does tours on the weekends. Rudy teaches and has a Crossfit gym. He and his girlfriend Yvonne visit as often as possible since it’s only 15 minutes from the city.


Puente Roque, Madden Highway, 00507 Chilibre.

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